Principle ERP Reduction (pERP-RED)


Event-related potentials (ERP) waveforms are the summation of many overlapping signals. Changes in the peak or mean amplitude of a waveform over a given time period, therefore, cannot reliably be attributed to a particular ERP component of ex ante interest, as is the standard approach to ERP analysis. Though this problem is widely recognized, it is not well addressed in practice. Our approach begins by presuming that any observed ERP waveform — at any electrode, for any trial type, and for any participant — is approximately a weighted combination of signals from an underlying set of what we refer to as principle ERPs, or pERPs. We propose an accessible approach to analyzing complete ERP waveforms in terms of their underlying pERPs. Software for conducting these analyses is provided in the pERPred package for R.

Nashville, Tennessee
Emilie Campos O'Banion
PhD Student

Perpetual Student & Knitting Fool